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Friday, April 21, 2006


Hey Everyone,
Sorry I haven't typed for a while...I've been really busy with church stuff lately so...anyway. I got a total of 8 hours of sleep throughout the whole weekend, hehe. Yeah I'm really tired. I just want to go to bed. Well I'm goin to type this first. um...lets see...Oh! We are goin to go to the pound on Saturday to look for a new doggy! YAY!!!! IT'S SO EXCITING!but it kinda sucks because we have to go through the whole death thing again... :( Well we get to save a doggy's life which is kinda cool to kno. I feel so bad for all of those animals. So...What else is goin on in my life right now. Oh! I'm having really bad knee problems. This morning I was almost crying because they hurt so bad. I really need surgery but nooooooooooo we have to take care of Mom's teeth first.and then after we wait for a year after mom's teeth are fixed i will maybe get my surgery done. OH AND DON'T FORGET MY TEETH THAT THEY PROMISED TO FIX AS SOON AS THEY GOT THE MONEY, WHICH MEANS THAT MOM SHOULD WAIT!!!! you have no idea how long i've been waiting for 3 years. "Honey as soon as we get the money I promise we will make a down payment on your braces" FOR 3 YEARS!!!! The down payment is $500 I know that they have gotten that much money at some time during these 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that pisses me off. And another thing about the parents. My mom is "unhappy" about buying me clothing when I'm the one usually buying my own clothes and shoes anyway! So they spent over a $100 on me for pascha, I spend that much of my money all the time on myself. HEY AND Jeremy still owes me like over $50 because when I was little he would say that he would give me a dollar if I did something for him, guess what, he never gave me that dollar! What a mean brother....hehehe. jk. Oh well, I'm happy with what I Anyway. My parents are attually letting me wear a tankini that meets eachother at the top of the bottems and the bottem of the top. Wow, big step for my mom...hehe. Well I guess I'll just shut up now!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Guardian Angel

A weepy day. A day of sadness, relief and suffering. My dog Ray-Ray died or we had to put her to sleep. I've dreaded this day for years and then for it to come true was heart breaking. My pal had died , the pal that was always there for me; protected me and knew when things were wrong (when I was unhappy about life she was there to keep me company). She was one of the best dogs. My friend's mom said that people say that the first dog is the best dog. Ray Ray was my first dog, I've known her all my life so far and I always thought she would constantly be there for me. I used to call her my sister. Then comes reality. Today it smacked me in the face just like a bug hitting a wind shield. She was a special dog. I remember when my mom and I would take her on walks and Ray-Ray wouldn't let me be on the side of the side walk closest to the street.She was my guardian angel. Now she can be it from above. She was part of my heart, she guided me throughout this part of my life and I bet God has someone else to help me throughout life. I used to talk to Ray-Ray when I was upset because she would just listen and sometimes that's what someone needs is just for someone to listen. No talking, just listening. That's what she gave me. A friend that would listen.Not only did I learn that these things are going to happen but that life goes on. it's ironic because my brother, Jeremy, and I were talking about how we thought she was goin to die soon. How sad. My mom told me this morning that Ray-Ray threw-up. That's when I knew it was going to be a bad day. I had this gut feeling that we were going to put her to sleep today. Ray-Ray couldn't move out of her spot that she was in. My mom and I cried all the way to school. I went to school for an hour and then that was it. We had to put her to sleep. She was suffering. Apparently, she had something similar to a stroke. Her eyes twitched and liquid came out of her left ear. I don't think that I will ever forget this day. The day my life changed. I love you Ray-Ray and will never-ever forget my guardian angel sent from heaven.

I Love You and Miss You
Forever and Always,

Friday, April 07, 2006


I told you that I would be back.'s life people? you are always hearing about me and my life....I want to kno a little about my So....I'm not goin to have pete anymore. lol. no I'm not really sad because I'm replacing him for a different amphibian, wait, I think that it is an amphibian. whatever, so my teacher came up to me privately and said that he wanted to kno if I wanted Calcifer, our class toad, I said maybe I could have him and Pete. I told him that I would have to let him kno. See before he said that he would personally would be picking someone that he thought would be good to take Calcifer. I thought that it was kool that he picked me. lol. so then later I was like, well maybe I could just trade them. And so we agreed on that. I thought it was funny because he is missing 4 toes. lol. so my teacher said that I can actually hold him because toads don't hop nearly as much. He is goin to get me a 10 gallon cage so I'm happy about that. I'm goin to change it's name to Pete though. when I told my teacher that he was a little sad, hehe. Yeah he told me that he had wanted me to take I kno that i'm trust worthy, yes! So....I can clean off my new Pete to, lol. I do it with a spray bottle, you like just spray him, lol. yeah and I have to get a bowl to put water in and then potting soil. My teacher is just goin to give me almost everything that I need to heck yes! I really don't have anything else to say. I don't kno. I guess that I'll just say....


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I finally named my froggy! It's name is Pete, he is this like super duper hot guy in this band, no I don't mean that he is on fire, I mean that he is FINE! My friend and I have named him the hottest guy in the world! LOL. Yeah, I know that it's a little odd to name a frog after a hot guy but I thought that is fit him. So my life is ok. Um....I had AIMS testing all this week except Friday. My week has been a little hectic or however you spell that word...LOL. My mom has been pretty busy. Yeah and my dad keeps getting these like weirdo people to work for so like we don't have much money right now, until this little check comes Friday... I think. You know what is stupid? That there is no worth behind our money. Like there used to be like gold and silver that backed it up but now there isn't. It's wired! OHHHH! I found a mistake on the AIMS! LOL. In the math section they didn't use order of operation, you know....PEMDAS....OR.....Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction. yep! I thought that that was funny. LOL. See I think that the real answer was -7 but their answer was 4. LOL big difference. Well I have to go to bed now! I'll talk to you later!

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