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Friday, July 14, 2006

Guess what!

CHICKEN BUTT! no just i'm in Boston right now in my Godparents apartment on campus..i love it here...and yet i love home too..hehe. so i stayed at my brother's apartment last night. it was ok. eye is it's bugging me. anyway. yeah. we went and saw pirates last night. i've already seen it before but jesse and elizabeth...(is that how you spell her name?) anywho and richard who is now fr. raphiel..i think that's how you spell it...idk. anyway they hadn't all seen it yet. and jesse liked it but they just kinda liked it. yeah. anyway. it was good. so i haven't really done anything here just kinda hanging out..hehe. yeah. and i'm getting ready for camp. i think that's all i really have to say besides....

haha! i'm in cool weather!!!!!hehe, well it's better than like 120 degrees...hehe. so yeah...just i would like an update on what's going on with all of you in AZ and whoever else is reading this...


love you!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

To Boston I go...but i'll come back...hehe

Hello there,

So, my title actually has to do with the body this time...there is a subject. Well i'm not going to make you jealous the WHOLE time...hehe. Anyway. I'm going to Boston on Wednesday...I'm soooo excited! but yet scared, i get kinda nervous bout flying now ever since 9 - 11. yeah. I still have never seen that video thing about that. So I'm going there and i think i'm coming back on the 31st...can't member..anywho. well im not just going to boston for all most a month i'm going to the ANTIOCHIAN VILLAGE!!!!! yay! i totally can't wait. I love going there. it's sooo awesome. and next year sam i hopefully coming with me. yay! so...yeah. that's what i'm like excited about. it's going to be soooo much fun! But then when i get back i have like 2 weeks till school starts..i'm kinda looking forward to yeah i'm not but i am. whatever i'm not going to explain it. um...what else...oh! my mom, she thinks that everything STILL fits me....HELLO! i grow! yeah. and she sighs everytime i come up with something else i need for well it's not my fault they don't have any money. stupid people think that they can get everything for free....hahahaha! LOSERS. yeah...see they don't get what it does to people's families just because they are to stupid to pay us. it's like they can't write or oh well. hopefully someday this will ALL end and our troubles will be over! well maybe if my mom would like give my idea about her getting a job that might help just a little tiny bit...and she wouldn't have to get a job that starts in the morning either she could get one that starts in the afternoon...but w/e. not my choice...well i have to go and get some sleep! I'll talk to you ALL later!

Love ya and i'm gonna be writing a really long blog after i get back telling everything that i did!!!!so later!

I love you all!