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Friday, November 28, 2008

Merry Christmas?

We all know that this time of the year is hectic and EVERYONE is stressed over family, presents, friends, dinners...etc. But think about it a little bit...

On Thursday night I went to the mall with some friends at 12 AM because we thought it'd be cool to see what its like to be at a MALL that late in the night. WELL, it was a totally different experience compared to what we thought it was going to be. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of people in the mall. They were lined up outside of stores for hours and waiting just to get gifts for people.
Today, it was reported that people were KILLED because of "Christmas shopping.." Is it just me...or is this some extremely depressing news to receive?
Greed and Pride...that's what this holiday should be called. It has absolutely nothing to do with family or giving or being thankful or CHRIST anymore. It's all about making your kids "happy" or getting your husband the newest high tech gadget or getting your wife a diamond something or other. I know kids that get hundreds of dollars worth of things at Christmas and they are STILL mad about what they get. WHO DOES THAT?! why are people so stupid....

Personally, I'm not getting much this Christmas, but all of my brothers and sisters etc.. are going to be together after a possible ten years of not being together....and that's all i can really ask for. Family and actual Happiness. Joy. and just all of us being Grateful for each other. because i know we all are extremely grateful to have each other. My family means a lot, because we've all be through A LOT just to be a family.

Humanity needs a serious reality check. Maybe that's why the economy is crashing again...God told us he wouldn't flood us again..but He never said He wouldn't crash the economy again. haha...seriously though.

No one seems to notice that material things don't make them happy or full. No matter how much you GIVE someone it's not going to make them feel better.
The homeless are taken into consideration around this time of year. There are many different groups of people that try to gather food boxes and serve meals for those in need. But do you think that it's the physical gifts that make these people happy? Or just the fact that someone actually gives a shit about them for a moment in time?

People drive me crazy...
Links to news reports about holiday shopping incidents:


Saturday, November 22, 2008

WELCOME to Fatty

So tonight I found a new friend at Walmart.
His name is Fatty and he's a spotted puffer fish.

this is the story behind Fatty:
About two months ago I went to the movies with a couple of friends and we decided to go to walmart and chill. Well i found these really cool puffer fishies and i really wanted one but i didn't have the money for one so i had to wait.
Well tonight i went to Walmart with three of my other friends and i was like.....heeeeeeey, lets go look at the fish. I spotted Fatty and i just HAD to have him. so i got this short little mexican lady to help me out. And i ended up wit Fatty in my arms in a plastic bag filled with water.
So off to home i went.
i walked into my dad's room with a smile of my face and i bag in my arms...
well, he thought it was pretty coool!
i talked to mom.
she wasn't very happy. but she didn't make me take him back! i would have cried if she did though. we went out at like 10:40 and got a tank and some food for him....i luh my mommy. haha.

Fatty has to wait twenty four hours before he can be in his new home and he can be all cozzzzzzzy. But!! until then he's in a jar with holes in it so he can breath.

o mann...
i love my randomness.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To myself.

I'm not sure where to start with everything, but I know that all of this is wearing me out. I'm so tired and all I want to do is run lately. [not that that's a bad thing cuz I'm getting in shape] But people in my life are very frustrating right now.
How is a person supposed to deal with a person full of self pity and arrogance? My mom always told me to deal with people like that with compassion and i have been doing that. But it's getting old. It's getting repetitive and I need some change. Not just in the people that I put up with but just my life in general. It's driving me insane to the point that I'm not really sure exactly what I'm writing anymore. It's all just flowing out heavier and heavier lately and....ahhhhh!
Anyways...that's what's going on right now with me...well drama wise.
I still don't have a new phone. And I still need my surgery uber bad. [[i've got bunions...calcium build up on my feet]]
It's just a tad's fine. whateve.

imma dip out.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


it takes over.
messes with your thoughts.
things become unclear.
and your actions become unknown.

the life you've led has nothing to do with how you feel.
everything is gone.
it's all a blur.
your face becomes wet.
hands are shaking.
feeling of anxiousness.
feeling of giving up.
feeling of screaming.
it's everything.
but it's nothing.

no understanding of why.
why are you like this?
why is this your reaction?
how did you end up with so much of it?
is it the life i am leading?
the people around me?

calm me down.
and it will come back again.