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Monday, October 23, 2006

long time no blog... :(

Hey readers!
My life right now is pretty great actually. There isn't too much drama going on, well not any that isn't normal...haha. I went to an AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING concert last night and i didn't get home till about 12:20...and because my parents are over protective my dad got to tag along. but the wasn't even with us so i don't really see the point in why he came. but he liked the band we went to see so it's all good. Well Kheya and i got to hang with some pretty sweet guys there too. they go to our skool, so yeah. :) lol. um...nothing happened with the complaint letter to my english teacher actually. I did write a string of consciousness paper as a substitute for one of my assignments and she LOVED so i might get extra credit in that, and so far that is my favorite class. Tyler, Kheya and I hung out was fun, we are all such dorks, that's what really makes it fun. ok so kheya and i were counting how many tylers we know and there is like 7 or so...pretty common name apparently. lol. So yeah, I really want to go to this concert on december 2nd but i can't cuz on the anniversary thing going on for Fr. elakjdiahfia. lol, idk how to spell his name :) so that's all good. um drama drama drama with girl friends, i'm actually not even going to go into sometimes i just wish i was a just so i didn't have to go through all of this stupid drama that doesn't make any sense. I really miss camp right now, i miss the Amazing environment there. not just the physical but "mental." it pretty sweet and i recommend it to annnnnnnyone!!!! hint hint to sam.... :) Um...i'm getting a really realllllllllllllllly good grade in English :) she pretty much loves me lol. Well i'm gunna go i guess...Peace out homeslices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!