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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not much to say....

Hey everyone!

So i've decided that i really need to change my way of life. Yeah sounds kinda weird and i'm sure your thinking, well don't we all say that at some point in our lives? but i'm fo realz. haha. anyways, i was kinda looking back at the way i treat people and sometimes talk about them and i know that i wouldn't want to be treated that way. So i'm going on a nice faze! lol....sounds weird huh? but this is to help me out and hopefully to help other people understand that i'm actually a nice person and they are loved too:) hehe.

But besides that...

My life is something that you should be caught up on...yeah?! k. well yeah there are guys but they are just friends! and i've found out somethings about my family that i've wanted to know for years but aren't for the internet:) hehe...srry to leave you hanging...:) Um....i've found out things about myself and i've found out things about others around me. I've learned life lessons daily. And i hope i can actually use them. School has been going really well for me. Public school isn't as bad as most think it is and i hope you can all take my word on that. :) Yeah there are the kids that don't always make the right choices but that doesn't mean ill do that does it? no. I've decided that i really like my papiermache cow...haha. i'm making that in art! i hope to show you all at sometime in my life! teehee. I've thought about Love a lot lately for some reason and i already knew that there were different kinds of love. Most people when they think of love they think of a guys and girls seriously in love and blah blah blah. But it just kinda regestured mentally (cuz i'm slow....teehee) that there is the love that friends have for eachother, i know that i love telling my friends that i appreciate them, especially when i know that they're life isn't going all that great right then :) There is the love between a person and animal that lets the animal or person know they are there for eachother even though the animal can't always still works out. :) This post is pointless like all my others, but i have fun writing them :)

So i shall post more later!!!

I love you all! and i really want you all to know that you are greatly appreciated in my life...