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Saturday, February 02, 2008

the eye.

tonight i saw the eye. and yes. it was just the typical scary movie. and i predicted the ending before the movie even really started. but i got something amazing out of it. i don't know if you would really call it amazing. but i really realized something important tonight. I already knew what this was all about. i mean what i learned. but i never really thought about it until now.

living and death.
they are one thing as a whole. but everyone separates them into two different topics. all of us want to know what comes after death. what will happen to us? is there really anything such as hell or heaven? or do we make that sort of thing up to comfort ourselves a little? even those who say they really believe in a heaven and a hell question it. we all question our beliefs. everything that is ever said to us and said to be believed is put through a whole thought process in our minds to figure out if we really should believe such a thing. we use our already given beliefs and knowledge to go through this thought process with each thing that is said.
Back to death and living.
to must live. now think about that for a minute. what does this really mean? i mean it's like a duhhhhh Kenzy everyone does, but why do you have to go through life to experience an eternity of death? why must we go through sufferings so we can suffer more after life is over? no, it's no ones place to judge where who is going where (heaven or hell). but there are so many questions about life after death...but is is really life? or do we just wander and look for peace with ourselves and GOD? do we actually go some place right after death? or does anything actually happen? i mean yeah...we have to bible. and we have teachings. but we all questions those right?

But what happens during death? i what is death like? how do we prepare for something eternal? we as humans like to interpret things in our own way. by doing so we comfort ourselves in knowing that WE KNOW THE ANSWER TO SOMETHING! but do we really?

life is a gift to some and torture to others. life is what we must go through to prepare ourselves for an eternity. a lot of the world thinks that religion is the way. now what is religion? is it really the door to heaven? or is it something that is used to PREPARE us for eternity? is it like a school? to teach each of us about a life after death. even if you don't think so....humans' natural instinct is to find comfort. and by comfort i answer. but not just any answer....but the answer that we have already created in our minds. that's why there are sooooo many different religions in this world. none of us have the "power" to say which is correct. but we each need to do what is best for US. ourselves. not others. ourselves as in....YOU as one person. yourself. follow the beliefs you believe. but in the one knows what is going to really, truly happen.

everyone is always saying..."live today like it's your last" now to most that would mean going out and doing everything that you love to do as a human on earth. i know people that would sit there and pray the whole day. they would sit there in front of an icon or alter and pray till they die. they would try to find inner peace with themselves and with GOD. because that's what they believe. i know others that would go sky diving and lay under the stars till they die. they would try to soak in every last bit of human existence and the things that were created here on this earth. that's what most would desire to do their last day. we all have our different comforts.

death is something that is real. it is reality. but what is often over looked is that so is life. LIFE is real. it is reality. we have to go through this life to get to death. that's what makes them one. they are one thing. they are connected. people are always questioning life after death. but why aren't they questioning life? why aren't they wondering the same things about life as they are death? is short. but it's still exists.

i am not sure where all of this knowledge i have comes from. it kinda scares me. but it's something that i think about. and i felt that you should too.

live your life. have FUN with it. don't seclude yourself from the things you love. because GOD wouldn't have granted us life if he didn't want us to enjoy it. have fun. but always remember that life is PART of death. they are FULLY connected.

have true peace.