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Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hey there!
Life sucks for me for like the next...week. lol. I'm grounded, yep, me! I was "late" for school. so I got grounded for a stupid week. it's stupid I kno. So I'm just not grounded for Wednesday night because I have that FOB concert that I'm goin to. Oh and I'm not grounded today because it's SAT. I kno it don't make any sense. Hayley, Kheya,Kenny, my dad, and I are goin to the concert!!!! Heck Yes! I got a froggy! I don't kno what to name it, if you have any suggestions you should comment on this post. well I still waiting for my mom to take us where ever Sam and I are going. I G2G!

Eat more and save water!lol.