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Thursday, May 15, 2008

just read.

Obviously i'm a teenager. And according to most i'm just the average one that thinks my parents are the "spawn of the devil" and my life sucks. And yeah, sometimes i do think that, because i am the average teenager in some ways. Ya know...the experimental type that makes crazy desicions and not always the smartest one. Well that's my life in a nut shell.
I break trust a lot's not one of my "great" quailities. But surprisingly i trust way too easily. I trust that everyone that i meet will treat me with respect and not be a total bitch to me err whatever. But seeing as i'm not always like that...i shouldn't expect that out of other people either huh? meh. don't answer that question. Anyways, since i'm such a rule breaker and a "wild child" my parents and other people's parents don't trust me a whole lot. And it's not necessarily that i actually do so, but that it's assumed. And if i ever seemed pissed off for no reason that is noticable it's usually because people assume things of me or "tease" me about them but they are actually serious. AND let me just lay this out on the table for ya so you can get a better's called "Judging" just in case you didn't know. your welcome;]
So anyways, since i'm such a trouble maker my parents like to push my punishments to at least close to the MAX all the time. So why haven't i learned my lesson to not be such a dumb ass?...hmmm....just think about it. Cuz i'm not tellin the answer to this one. And i'm not going to lie...if you can't answer this question...i'm going to be judgmental here...your kinda a dumb ass too. I SHOULD START A DUMB ASS CLUB! woot. ill be president.
Your taking too long to answer...sorry. well let me just tell ya here. It's called rebellion. Sound familiar? If it isn't then you obviously haven't experienced it, at least yet. Now there is one caution that parentals need to take when it comes to "punishment" and that's pushing the child to rebellion. Or! to the point that they just begin to not care or at least act like it. SOMETIMES! they even work their way around the punishment. Now, lets talk a little bit about trust n'such just a little more.
For the parents to trust the kid they need to follow their "rules" for the kid to trust the parents the parents need to give the kid chances to follow the "rules" even if it takes more than twice.
Ok. now lets talk about knowlege. Since, you know, parents know everything and everyone assumes that I think I know everything....there's a clash. Parents assume a LOT of things and always jump to the worst possible conclusions. all the time. When reallly they know verrrrry little that is actually going on. Because there is no actual trust in the kids in the first place. So the kid breaks the parents trust...but there was no trust to break in the first place. because when the kid turns 13 there's like an automatic trust break between both the parents and the kids. it's just some "hormonal" thing, because everything is blamed on hormones these days because, you know, teens don't have minds of their owns err something like that. and they are alllll having sex all the time because of their hormones err something like that right? I mean the only onese that don't "do it" during high school are the ones that either cant "get any" or just don't know anything about it. So since all of us teens are totally sexin it up there's no trust in us at all. It's assumed we all do drugs and drink. It's assumed that we don't make good decisions about who we date or talk to. And "true love" isn't even an option for us during these years because we don't know what that is. But you know why we "don't know" what it is? because it's hard to even be exposed to it these days.
Us Teenssss often get replaced as humans, we are just ALL trouble makers who listen to noise and drink alcohol and party all the time because we don't give a shit about our futures err somethin like that. i dunno you tell me. So why should you trust someone like this? well maybe if you trusted them more they wouldn't be like this? ya ever think of that? most don't. Because teens get a joy out of breaking their parents' rules, totally not gunna lie. It gives us a little independence. and a "thrill."
But since i'm just a dumb kid my opinion doesn't count.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

deep breath....

then i let it out.
i allow all the thoughts to clear from my body.
a sense of relief fills my heart.
and it beats at a steady pace once again.

talk and disrespect filled me from top to bottom.
the room felt like a whirlpool
even in my dreams.
then i look upon the beauty of the clouds
as the rays of the setting sun graze over them.
the orange sky helps me to take a deep breath
and then life moves on.

our lives will always be filled with stress, responsibilities, gossip, and dumb drama
but sometimes allowing the natural beauties of the world take us OUT of this world can be good for us.

i just felt like sharing that.

take a breath sometime.