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Sunday, November 25, 2007

i want some feeeeed back!!! just tell me your thoughts. there's no right or wrong answer to this one!!!

this is written off of one of my journals:

i just kinda realized the value of life. it's such an amazing gift. it's almost unbelievable. and we all take it for granted so much. i hate it. because that's so easy to do! but it was given to us to take and love to the fullest! and use it to its best advantage:] so many minutes and seconds pass us by each day and we don't seem to fully understand that each of those could be our last. its a really scary thought and it makes you want to go out there and just be a simple and happy person. to be reminded of death is something most of us don't enjoy at all. it brings fear into our minds...but why?!
is it because we know that weve made some bad choices in life?
because we know we aren't the best human we can be?
...maybe it's because we all know that there actually IS something that comes after life....huh?

think about it.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

it's me againnnnnnnn! jeez. teehee.

I'm here again.
just kinda thinking.

I have a lot of friends that seem to have a lot of self-issues....or that's what i call them.
they seem to see things as more than they are.
or at least the difficulties in life.
I tend to judge people by their thoughts.
i mean i know...judging a person is never correct....
but don't you kinda have to do that to be able to connect with someone?
I see a lot of self pity within them.
they seem to look at their faults and tell people them....almost for attention.
My group of friends are amazing.
and we are all quite alike.
we enjoy just sitting around and talking to each other about our personal life matters and I especially enjoy giving them advice.
They almost look at me for it.
I know Kheya does.
she calls it my words of
I absolutely love my friends and i couldn't imagine life without them...
they were a hard group to find.
i thought i had a lot more to say.
but i'm not shurrrr if i can right now.
well illllll post another blog soon.


Sunday, November 04, 2007


I'm lost in my thoughts continuously again.
all i ever want is the person i didn't want.
it's difficult for me to smile like i used to.
i miss it.
and i want to shed my tears over and over again.
but i can't.
i'm not that kind of a person.
or am i?
do i just not allow myself to be that person?
idk anymore.
i can't think straight today.
or yesterday
day before.
i don't like this one bit.
and i just want things back how they were.
am i the only one that wants that though?
idk what to say.
idk if i'm thinking the right way.
is this just the usual after thoughts?
it kills me to see him,
unless i'm next to him.

i don't exactly hate this....
but i'm not enjoying myself anymore.
maybe we should try again..
just try differently.

it might just be me though....