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Thursday, June 19, 2008

simple choices

i don't like making choices.
but if i don't make the decisions i get really annoyed.

i like to live my life with no regrets. i like to take chances and just get out there even if it has bad consequences like getting grounded.
i don't want to spend my life with regrets thinking..."i really wish i did more things when i was young"
so that's why i am the way i am.
i get tired of being grounded sometimes. but i always have a memory that comes with it:]
i only have two and a half years to make these stupid decisions.

i know there are the simple decisions that are life changing.
i try to avoid those. i try to keep myself from getting pregnant. i am going to try not to go to juvie because i don't have anymore chances. i am not a "good" kid judged by my actions.
i can't say i've never drank. and i can't say i've never done drugs. i can't say i've never purposely made a decision without knowledge of the consequences.
but to say the total was worth all of the trouble.

i'm not going to lead my life on like this.
i'm just taking advantage of my age. i've always been told to live with no regrets. to take chances. and don't let my young life slip i'm not.

i enjoy my life.
i have made a choice or two that i regret.
they've made me feel empty inside and lost....
but i need to just suck it up.
because time is lost if i don't.

don't hate me.
because i like to be myself.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

update on my life

haha. alright. well lets just start off by saying that i'm pretty mentally challenged, so don't tease too badly.

i won't be telling you exactly what happened :] but it wasn't one of my smarter choices. haha. i learned a lesson...the second time around. which i guess is better than never learning the lesson right?

well i'm grounded.
i have been for two weeks.
and i'm going insane so that means it's working.

i'm dumb.

Monday, June 02, 2008


So...what's up with me lately you ask?
well to keep it simple
i'm being a teenager.