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Friday, February 24, 2006


Heck yes! I'm freakin goin to the fall out boy concert on MARCH 29!!!! yes Jeremy I actually got mom and dad to let me go and do something like that. Dad is taking me, my friend, Kheya, is goin with her friend and my new "friend" Kenny. I can't wait! so Jeremy, my brother, talked and we think that we should go shopping together when he comes. yeah. because I can't find things with my parents because I can't look at the things that I want to and it's really frustrating with mom because of her dad and we have COMPLETELY different styles! OMGsh you would go crazy! I do. Anyway. I'm gonna go and join Kheya on our other computer!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


My title has nothing to do with what I'm typing. My bird Tinkerbell is just bothering me because she is out of her cage. She's an annoying lovebird. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! my real topic. Today is a boring day just like always. duh! so I'll tell you about my boring life with a little bit of my "sparkyness." Ok. So. Today I woke up at 6:45 like always and like always my mom was mad at me because I ALWAYS!!!!!!! wake up then. OMGsh get over it! ok next I took a shower and then laid down on my bed and on accident fell asleep until 7:45. well guess what happened next...Mom gets mad at me, like always. I don't always do that. So I got to school 5 minutes late!!! OH NO THE WORLD IS GOING TO COLLAPSE AND KILL US ALL AND THEN THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE PERSON LEFT AND THEN LIFE WILL BEGIN AGAIN AS FISH!!! Gosh people I was only late for school, 5 minutes. Ok so then after I signed myself in I went to my locker then stupid Latin. Well, my teacher is a stupid know it all and thinks he is the coolest person in the world. Ok HE BOBS!!! LOL. If you know what I'm talking about out. Nothing gross. So now that that part is all over...ok so then after that I went to Reading. well I hate the whole fact of Reading but I like my teacher, she's cool. nothing happened there...of course because of my boring life. afterwards I went to Lunch. I had a 7 layer borrito from taco bell, they bring it to our school. hahahahaha. (my bird is a freak) anyway. well I hung out with Jessica and Hayley today because they are pretty kool I guess. They're nice to me, we didn't really do anything. after that I went to art and finished one of my projects and then I'm doing a free project, where I can do anything I want to. I'm drawing a picture of two ducks close up in a small pond, it's hard to explain. anyway after that I went to Science. my teacher's wife had a baby and so he is taking three days off of work. someone in their family's daughter in law is subing for him....boring. lol. we are just goin to do the same thing all week.

Well I have to go and do homework and all of that fun stuff so I'll talk to you later! I'm actually typing this the day after this all happened so I don't really remember everthing and that is why i finished there! I'll have to talk to you all later!

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