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this blog is all about my life and thoughts...pretty personal but definitely not as personal as it could get. :]

Thursday, May 31, 2007

hey everyone.

I left you guys on kinda a bad note last time. srry bout that. I'm ok now. my friends have really helped me thru this...and i love them for that.

My life at the moment is kinda evenly bad and good. i like it sorta. i would obviously love it to be all good. but i'm comfortable with this i guess....

It's summer time! and i'm happy for that. but i'm also super sad cuz i miss all of my friends....:(
but life moves on. and really fast too! i'm gunna be a FRESHMAN!!:D I'm happy bout that.

But i want to go to neverland with sadee and never grow up! cuz that's every teenagers dream. or at least the teens i kno.

this is pretty much a blog of nonsense. like my life and the things i do with my friends according to my mom. lol.

well i guess ill go. :D

i love you all!

peace and love.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Help me.

I think I'm gone. I can't talk anymore. I don't write but rarely. I don't open up. I'm SCREAMING inside myself. I don't remember how to cry. ALL I WANT IS OUT! that's all I fucking want! I'm scared of myself. I don't know if I can control my anger and selfishness. I'm scared that I may be gone. . . like really gone. I don't seem to have symapathy for anyone BUT myself. ALL I WANT TO DO IS SCREAM! I want to drive out to the middle of no where and scream till I die. Not even the thought of love and family and friends fazes me anymore. All i can think about is ME ME ME!!! I'm fucking TIRED OF THIS! IM DONE! i don't feel the need to move on with my life anymore.................I'm scared.....

Help me.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


It's pretty amazing how love can bring so many people together. can pull people apart.

Love is one of the greates t wonders of the world. It's not understandable how we fall into it. And it's definately not understandable how we fall out of it by simple mistakes.

Not everyone has the same kind of love but yet they have the same "basic" love.

My sister is in love and married, I just found out that she's expecting! super excited. I think about the time when she's going to be delivering and I know that all of us are going to be there. This little human bundle OF LOVE is going to bring even the most tensioned people together. and I think that's pretty amazing.

There is the teenage love that sometimes goes into the wrong direction. It's the kind of love where they are JUST discovering it. They get butterflies and sweaty palms....

There is the college love. The love where they are more just trying to full fill something that's "empty" but sometimes it turns out good.;)

that's all i have to say right now...i guess ill be back later.

peace out.
I love Chris.