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Monday, May 29, 2006

um...i've got nothin to say...'s summer vacation and I'm not doing anything...boring. my friend and I are at her dad's and we still aren't doing anything...well...yeah. i'm just nothin is happening to me this summer, i might go to camp for two weeks, but idk. i really want to go to Boston again this summer but i don't think that i'm going to be able to. it's called money...that's what's keeping me from being able to do things this summer. i'm going to a different skool next year....poston, my friend goes there but she is going to be in 9th grade so we aren't going to have lunch together, but we might have some classes, idk. that is my exciting life right THERE IS JUST SOOO MUCH GOING ON I DON'T KNO IF I CAN HANDLE jk. my fiend is watching a teddy geiger music he's soooo hott, lol. he has the most amazing color of's not a very common color's cool. well...i'm gonna go now! l8tr!

Eat more! your toooo skinny!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Life is

So the school year is over for me in 1 and a half days...I'm kinda sad because I'm leaving behind some of my best friends....sad stuff. but we are definitely going to be hanging out this summer. So that is all I'm pretty sad about...well I'm leaving behind some of my favorite teachers. Like Miss Taggart....she is sooooo awesome. She has given me the chance to raise my math grade soooo many times and I didn't take all of them....well she helped me do a really good job on part one of my final...I got a 92% I only missed two! That raised my grade a lot... I had a D and now I have a C! yay! So that is one of the teachers that I'm sad about leaving them and only having them as a memory. The next teacher is my science teacher...Mr. Morris....he is one of the best teachers that I have ever had, he's really smart I'm definitely going to miss his sarcasm. lol. He's I've learned A LOT! from him. The other teacher is my reading teacher....Mrs. Reynolds. She just tells it like it is. If one of us is messing around and she doesn't like it...she'll tell you, that's what I love about her. It's kinda kool because I might see her at Poston because her kids go there. Another teacher that I liked but I'm probably not really going to miss having her as a teacher, she's stricted. lol. She is the head teacher...Mrs. Reid. don don She's so sweet though. If you really get to know her she is kinda kool. lol. Same with Miss Taggart. I think that it is a really good thing to have a relationship with your teachers because you can understand them more and it's just fun, makes learning more interesting. lol. I'm going to miss Heritage, but not enough to stay there, lol. I'm not going to tell you why I'm leaving. It sucks because some of my best friends that I've known for a while aren't going to go to the same school as me... we promised that we would hangout with eachother, but you know how it is, we say that but you never really get the confidence to actually call them. I'm gonna miss them a lot. Hayley!!!! OMG! I'm going to miss her soooooooooooooo much....she is awesome! She's the girl that I went to the FOB concert much fun! That's when we actually started to get to know eachother. See we used to be connected as friends because of when Jessica was gone from school we wouldn't hangout but now we don't really care because no matter what we hangout unless we get mad at eachother, which we like never do. lol. I'm definitely going to miss a friend that I've known for 10 long years! Jessica. We've gone through some tough times together, but we have hung on by a thread and stayed friends. She might end up going to my school later in the year or something. But I'm still going to miss her and hearing about her crazy life that she takes on everyday. Like And don't forget the sibling. Rachel. I feel bad for them because their life never slows down. There is always something wrong going on. Well, I can't believe that 7th grade is It went by sooooo fast! I definitely don't want to do it over again I rather just go on with life and keep it as a goooooood memory. Heritage is a good school but it' s just not for me. Well that is my life right stuff, right? Well I have to go, I'm sure that My mom is anxious to read this. Love you guys! And I'll miss you all, you people from Heritage!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

It was stupid....

So...Kheya, Jessica, Alex and I went to the movies on friday. we didn't have that great of a time. well Jessica and Kheya did. But Alex and I....not so much. He didn't go to school that day but he went to the movies with us, he didn't feel good. he never frikin talks and doesn't do anything but text people on his phone. You know, if your a girl you want a guy that will interact with know hold hands, give you hugs....nope...not him. he said that he would feel like an ass if he gave me a hug...he didn't know why he would hold my hand....well that just makes me feel great! At least he didn't say this to me...he said it to my friend. who of course told me. so we kinda had a sucky time at the movies. I tried to get him to like go "crazy" with Kheya, Jessica and me but nope. didn't work. so I'm not so happy about him right now...I had to get this out. And this is the easiest way to get it out. Well he did call me on Kheya's phone this morning and apologized for everything...and I think that it was because Kheya and Jessica got on to him for Kheya and I were talking about it because I spent the night at her house and I told her that there were guys at school that gave me didn't have a very good time last night. o Well. Well I'll talk to you people later!

Life sucks....but we get over it.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A bunch of stuff

Hello there!

Yeah so a lot of stuff has been going on in my life lately. Let me see where should I start....Well we got two new dogs, Duke, a black lab mix, and Maggie, an Astralian shepherd mix. Yeah, they are a crazy bunch. We are going to do some training with them at Petco. So that will be fun. Duke is my dog and Maggie is my parents' dog. They've gotten into a ton of things. Like today they got Duke's puppy food off of the counter and they ate half of the bag. Their stomaches are bulging and they look really fat, it's so funny looking. lol. Makes me laugh everytime I look at them. And it's a routine now to look out back to see what they have taken and played with. Um...Well today also is my parents' anniversary. We surprised an old friend of ours that has known me since I was born. That was really fun. Life for me is just kinda cruisen right now. My math grade is still not passing. lol. My teacher is great though. I know now where I get procrastination from, my parents. They always say that they are going to do something soon and then they put it Just like me. So...I'm probably going to go to the movies with Kheya and Alex on Friday night. Yes, Alex is a guy. No more about that because he may read this. Anyway.I don't really have anything else to say right now...I'll be writing about my life later.