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Sunday, August 27, 2006

I don't understand why everything needs a title...

Hey guys!
So...I have some exciting news...well to I'm redoing my room into an Asian theme kinda i guess if you find anything asian, it goes to my wonderful room...I'll be sure to take pics when it's done. ok so that's what I'm really excited about. anyway...i'll keep going. hm...what's going on in my life right now...well i'm writing a complaint letter to my english teacher because she's not a very good english i'm wandering what she is going to think about this...i'm probably not going to be her fav. student. lol. hm...i saw the movie step was but it's a teen flick. and you have to see it with a group of friends or somthing...soooo much more fun. hehe. so i'm really bumbed that sam decided not to go to camp with me next year...i got my friends all excited about it and everything...but oh well, i'll just have to disappoint i'm listening to a pretty sweet band. they are called...the summer obsession...pretty wicked..omgsh...that is a total east coast word "wicked" i get that from my friends...but they are awesome. so that's ok. well i guess ill go. i just wanted to update you on my life.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

yeah...i'm writing a new one. be excited!

Hey guys!
so i'm back from my trip and of course i had a BLAST! i'm bumbed that sam decided not to go next year...she's missing out. but whatever. so....bout my trip...i went to boston and slept at jesse's the first night and then da boyds the rest of the time. fun stuff. i just kinda hung out and did um...drove to camp, camp was amazing as usually.

Good night sweet hearts well it's time to go!
good night sweet hearts well it's time to go!
we hate to leave ya but we really must saaaaay!
good night sweet hearts.....
gooooood nighttttttt!

(camp song) hehehe

well next. um i was like sooooo excited to see all of my awesome friends and all of that stuff. hehe. love it. only one thing was missing and that was matt...hum...he said that soccer was more important than the village so...he's not a true camper....hehe. anyway. I miss all of them soo much! specially my cabin! hehe. cept for one person. but whateve. um after camp i went to newyork and it was ok. it smelled like crap though. i would say another word but i don't want to. hehe. um...whatelse. um...i just started skool and that's ok. hehe...i like all of my teachers. pretty much. i'm retaking algebra, same book too! different skool same book! works out. so i hope i do well with that. i'm also taking yearbook production so that should be fun. i can't wait to actually get started. hehe. i'm happy to be going to skool with kheya. we have yearbook together but that's it. which is ok. i'm glad. so yeah....i have some new friends and it's all good. well i'm going to go now!

Love you guys! and i'm glad to see you!